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mauBs are...

..the best cushions in the world...humorous travelling companions.. the perfect gift.. adequate surrogate cats for allergy sufferers ... kind and cuddly most of the time..but sometimes also small and mean ... patient listeners and persistent sleep watchers ... relaxed and decorative roommates...

...the best merchandise for our world religion, the maubthology maubs are more addictive than one can resist them...most notably: everybody who sees them has to laugh or at least smile...

...are unique cushions, handmade with fun and love, that we first of all want to keep for ourselves. The historical foundation of maubthology, therefore, was the idea to build an enormous cushion army to rapidly and effectively secure world peace. But the bureaucratic logistics behind that dogma spoiled the party for us too fast. So we decided to give them to loving hands for a small protective charge.

Maubs are easy to care for. Once they have been named please keep in mind: a name shapes the character a lot! - they will only need love once a day - or they will become lazy- and a wellness tour once in a while. (30 degrees in the washing machine inside a laundry bag and don't forget to give them a little heads-up!)

During the first weeks, the responsible owner should be aware of as to how the maub is fitting into the herd of other cushions! Some of them (mostly the small ones) have a big alpha-leader attitude and try to take command. Shoving other herd-members off the bed or sofa is an unmistakable sign for this. But please: don't tell them off too harshly, because they will only become a bit touchy. It is better to calmly explain to them that they are members of the whole herd, too!

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